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It’s the best thing since……blahblahblah!

As the whole world couldn’t help but notice a certain David Bowie popped up again last week with a surprise new release and tidings of an imminent album. I won’t discuss the new record *love it* as that seems to have been pretty much done to death but suffice to say as a bit of a Bowie fan I found it all pretty exciting.

However all of this to-do did mean the reoccurrence of something which never fails to irritate me, namely the “Best thing since……” comment. Before Mr Bowie went into hiding each new release would bring the inevitable comparisons to his older work…..fair enough, but without fail the comment would be “Best thing he’s done since Scary Monsters”. I’ve lost track the number of times I’ve heard this phrase uttered. Occasionally it might be mixed in with the slight variation “He hasn’t done anything decent since Scary Monsters” but it all equates to the same thing…….vast numbers of people seem to think that David Bowie’s career came to a grinding halt in 1980 and everything since has been not worth listening too.

I usually try to counter this argument with various examples……”But what about X”, or “What about Y” to which the reply is more often than not “Oh, I haven’t heard that”.

In my experience when someone says “He hasn’t done anything decent since Scary Monsters”, what they actually mean is “I haven’t heard anything of his since Scary Monsters”.

Of course this is largely due to some rather dismal releases in the 1980’s which no doubt put a lot of people off never to return. I’m also willing to accept that some people genuinely don’t like what he has produced since 1980 (I do try to see other people’s point of view…..even when they are talking nonsense about David Bowie). But I also think that some people have just dismissed much of his recent work without ever hearing it, instead relying on the seemingly accepted view that after Ashes to Ashes it was all downhill.

But fear not, I’ve put together a little rundown of some recent (and not so recent) Bowie highlights, all post Scary Monsters and all excellent. I hope if you are a 70’s Bowie fan only (or indeed not a fan at all) this may convince you to check out some of his later work. Enjoy!

Hallo Spaceboy (Outside – 1995)
Seems like a good place to start. Great track from a great album

The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) (Outside – 1995)
Let’s follow it up with a second track from Bowie’s best album of the 90’s

Never Let Me Down (Never Let Me Down – 1987)
The 80’s were rather slim pickings for a Bowie fan but there is some good stuff to be had once you get past the rather dated sound.

Without You (Let’s Dance – 1983)
My favourite track from Let’s Dance.

I’m Afraid of Americans (Earthling – 1997)
Earthling’s drum ‘n bass isn’t for everyone but this track is pretty astounding.

Pallas Athena (Black Tie White Noise – 1993)
Great early 90’s Bowie instrumental (sort of)

Never Get Old (Reality – 2003)
Second single (I think) from his 2003 record.

Strangers When We Meet (Buddha of Suburbia – 1994)
I wanted the version from Buddha of Suburbia but I think this clip is actually the version featured on Outside but hey, they’re both good.

Sunday (Heathen – 2002)
Opening track from Bowie’s outrageously good early 00’s LP

Slip Away (Heathen – 2002)
In fact it’s so good let’s have another.

The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Outside – 1995)
Great song. Great Video. Great.

The Loneliest Guy (Reality – 2003)
Downbeat Bowie.

Outside (Outside – 1995)
Title track from the 1995 masterpiece.

Glass Spider (Never Let Me Down – 1987)
The Laughing Gnome this ain’t.

Slow Burn (Heathen – 2002)
We’ll finish with a last little taster from the Mercury nominated Heathen.


One comment on “It’s the best thing since……blahblahblah!

  1. angrickerson
    January 20, 2013

    “Let’s Dance” is on my top 10 favorite songs of all time list.

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